How is our product manufactured?

This article will delve into the details of our product's manufacturing process.

Manufacture Process & Time Estimation

  • 3D Model Design

    3D Model Design

    1 - 3 Weeks. Before we begin printing, we will first create the design for the print model.



    4 Hours / Object, The printing process will also depends on the size of the object

  • Polishing and Glazing

    Polishing and Glazing

    After the initial object is printed, we will begin the process of polishing the edges and applying a second glaze to the ceramic to enhance its hardness.

  • Cover & Base Model Laser Cutting

    Cover & Base Model Laser Cutting

    We will begin crafting the vase cover, incorporating a socket for our table lamp.

  • Mass Production

    Mass Production

    45 Days Once we have achieved satisfaction with every aspect of the process, we will move on to the mass production phase. This involves manufacturing individual elements such as the base, the cover, and the base holder. This manufacturing process is expected to span over a duration of 45 days.

  • Packaging


    Once the final product has passed all tests, it is carefully packaged to prevent any damage during transit. Shipping: The final packaged products are then shipped to retailers or direct customers.






  • Lamp Cord (UL Listed)

    Lamp Cord (UL Listed)

  • Socket (UL Listed)

    Socket (UL Listed)

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You can download the following Catalogs:

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2023 Bright Corners Ceiling Fans Catalog II

2023 Bright Corners Table Lamp Catalog I

About Manufacture

We operate two manufacturing facilities, one in China and the other in Thailand. Should you be interested in placing a business-to-business or bulk order, or if you require Ceramic model designs, please feel free to reach out to us.

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